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Best in the West Olive- Strapback

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Discover the Ampal Best in the West Olive-Strapack Hat, made from 100% US cotton canvas twill. This unique hat features a stunning deadstock blanket stripe underbrim and an eye-catching embroidered felt patch, making it a rare and stylish accessory for those who appreciate vintage finds and sustainable fashion. Experience the perfect blend of style and sustainability.

The Ampal Unstructured Fit ensures that the hat is both comfortable and stylish. It has a relaxed, vintage baseball cap feel, yet the deep fit of a trucker or fitted hat ensures a secure fit. The unstructured, crushable upper makes this hat the perfect travel companion, as it can be easily packed and reshaped to its original form. The adj. leather closure and custom Ampal premium chino twill sweatband with a sweat barrier complete the design, making this hat not only fashionable but functional too. Whether you're heading out for a day trip or simply running errands, the Deadstock US 100% Cotton Canvas Twill Upper hat is the perfect accessory for any occasion.