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Not Lost Trucker - Snapback

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Introducing Ampal Creative's "NOT LOST TRUCKER" Snapback, a hat that's not just a piece of headwear but a tribute to the local trails and the subtlty of nature's changing seasons. This snapback is a salute to the outdoor enthusiast who appreciates the journey as much as the destination.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Los Angeles, California, this snapback is an embodiment of both style and substance. The materials and construction are chosen to reflect Ampal Creative's commitment to quality and durability.

Materials and Details:

  • Fabric: The hat is made from 100% Cotton Herringbone Twill Premium Mesh, offering both comfort and durability. This material choice ensures the hat is suitable for various weather conditions, keeping you cool and comfortable on sunny days and resilient during a light drizzle.
  • Design: It features an unstructured crushable upper, which gives it a laid-back, vintage look reminiscent of a classic baseball cap, yet it possesses the depth characteristic of a trucker or fitted hat. This unique blend of styles makes it versatile and suitable for various face shapes and styles.
  • Closure: The snapback closure ensures a perfect fit for almost any head size, providing adjustability and ease of wear.
  • Sweatband: Ampal Creative takes comfort seriously, incorporating a custom Ampal Premium Chino Twill Sweatband with a sweat barrier. This feature is essential for those who enjoy active, outdoor lifestyles, as it enhances comfort and prolongs the hat's lifespan by preventing sweat damage.