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The Flusher - 20 Pack

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Klean Freak Flusher - Flushable Wipes Stay fresh and clean with our flushable wipes, perfect for those less-than-fresh moments. Our duty is to ensure a fresh and clean experience!


  • Alcohol-free for gentle cleansing
  • Aloe and Witch Hazel provide cooling comfort
  • Chamomile and Calendula blend for a soothing touch
  • Sweet Chestnut Leaf Extract to support skin health and combat staph infections

Wipe Dimensions:

  • 6”x9” when unrolled
  • 4.5”x1” in packaging
  • 7"x 6" for the 20 pack pouch

Mixed 20 Pack Scents:

  • Georgia Peach (4)
  • Spearmint Rush (4)
  • Juicy Grapefruit (4)
  • Kascade Pine (4)
  • Scent Free (4)"

This product offers a blend of natural ingredients for skin-friendly, effective cleaning. It's conveniently packaged for use anytime, anywhere, with a variety of pleasant scents plus a scent-free option.