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Washed Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt

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Filson's Washed Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt offers unparalleled comfort for warm-weather adventures. This iteration enhances the classic with a heavily prewashed, extra-soft 100% cotton fabric, ensuring it's comfortable from the moment you put it on. Despite its lightweight 3-oz. Feather Cloth construction, the shirt boasts impressive strength and durability due to its tight weave. A favorite since the mid-1990s, it's been the go-to for outdoor enthusiasts for fishing, safaris, and other activities in hot climates, providing both protection and comfort.

Specs List:
- Material: 100% Cotton, heavily prewashed for softness
- Weight: Lightweight 3-oz. Feather Cloth
- Weave: Tight weave for strength and durability
- Features: Ideal for hot-weather activities like fishing and safaris
- Comfort: Exceptional comfort and protection against heat