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The real Rooster experience is in the shop.

I fell in love with retail. Ever since I was 13 and bought my first Levi 501's from a hot college girl. At that moment I knew I only wanted to sell clothes forever. Or at least hang out in the stores!  

Obviously there has been a shift in retail to online, from traditional shopping. Consumers not seeing shopping malls as entertainment or experiential any longer. 

Retailers fighting for profits by discounting product, and spending less on training a knowledgeable staff. Not caring to create a vibe or culture to their stores. It's time to have a men’s shop that brings a cool vibe, great people, and kick ass product to them. 

In 2018 I started Rooster Bus in a converted 1984 international Bus, hoping to change all that. Since then, we have opened 2 stand alone shops, one in Scottsdale and newly opened, Flagstaff, Arizona.

We feel like we created something special. Hopefully you will too. Now get in here, grab a beer and take home some new duds.



Take one look at Old Town Scottsdale and it’s easy to see what makes the vibrant heart of our city so original. An effortless blend of urban chic and Old West charm that gives our city’s downtown its one-of- a-kind flair and makes it a can’t-miss stop on any Scottsdale itinerary!

7083 E 5th Ave
Scottsdale, AZ


Flagstaff is close to the mountains, forests, and even gets snow during the winter months. For those who enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and camping, Flagstaff is an endless playground.

9 N leroux St
Flagstaff, AZ