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Men’s Shirts—Your Better Half

Men’s Shirts—Your Better Half

What has your back day after day, hour after hour? Your shirt, of course. Men's shirts really are your better half - sorry ladies - they support you and your endeavors while keeping you stylish and comfortable. Not to mention, your shirt is always ready for your next adventure. Plus, there are tees, dress shirts, flannels, and button-ups with an endless amount of styles. Whatever your need, your shirt has your back. After all, it is your better half.

Men's Shirts at Rooster Men's

Rooster Men's Shop is proud to introduce you to your better half - no dating required. Unlike those big stores that every other man seems to shop at, we offer clothes that actually have charm and will actually represent you as the unique gent that you are.

lifestyle image of skater in tee shirt skating with a mountain background

We started business in a converted international bus with the hopes of rekindling the spark of shopping in person, where you can touch, feel, and try on your clothes before you bring them home to meet mom. We've since grown the business into two physical locations where you can shop clothing brands that are inspired by nature and the Western chic culture.

Picture of the Rooster Bus where Rooster Men's Shop all got started.

We carry brands like Howler Brother's, Seager, and The Normal Brand just to name a few. What separates these brands from all of the other basic clothes you see in the store is passion. The founders of these companies eat, breathe, and sleep adventure and the West Coast vibe. Many of these brands make limited-batch runs for their clothes and work with artists to design truly wearable pieces of art. If you're a man who likes adventure, ruggedness, or if you're just a man looking for a new men's shirt - Rooster has something for you.

Top Styles

Every guy wants to feel like themselves when they wear clothing. Picking a type of men's shirt that fits you and your lifestyle is something we excel at. We have over 10 quality brands that you can't find in your big box retail store down the road. So, don't even do it. Save the hassle and come visit us. Need a collared shirt for your 9-5? We've got it. Need something to keep you warm while you're walking the sandy beaches? We've got that too. Pretty much, you need it, we've got it. Some of the top style men's shirts we carry include:

Image of shirts on hangers and folded.

Knits and Flannels: If you are looking for an elevated way to wear long sleeves, knits and flannels will do the trick. The patterns, buttons, and collars of the flannel shirts can take you from day to night. Go to work followed by a casual night in the house, or out on the town. Knits are also available in a woven cotton to offer you plenty of warmth while having the lifted look of a flannel shirt without the flannel pattern.

Image of knits and flannels

Thermals: Available in pullovers, long sleeves, and crewnecks, thermals offer you warmth while giving you a little more style than wearing your basic long sleeve, casual tee. Thermals are like the hugs that keep on hugging. You'll be warm and comfortable wrapped up in these bad boys. Rooster sells thermals with and without hoods, and buttons.

Thermal shit lifestyle image

Button-Ups: Need an outfit for work or date night? Check out one of the long sleeve button-ups at Rooster. We have a variety of patterns and textures. If you're a bold kind of guy who likes to be noticed, we have bold patterns to fit that. If you're on the more reserved side, we also have button-up shirts that don't scream "look at me" for you. All of the button-up shirts

Button down shirt lifestyle image

Tees: All men live for a good everyday men’s shirt. The tees at Rooster are stylish and comfortable, made from the very best materials. With over 100 shirts to choose from, Rooster Men’s Shop has tees for all. Average materials of tees are cotton blends or certified organic cotton. Graphic tees and plain tees are available within our collection. Our shirts got your back. There really is something for everyone.

Lifestyle image of guy in tee shirt

In Conclusion, can we all agree men's shirts are truly a man's better half? They support us and our endeavors, keep us stylish and comfortable, and are always ready for our next adventure. At Rooster Men's Shop, we offer a wide variety of unique and stylish shirts from brands that are inspired by nature and the Western chic culture. We carry brands like Howler Brother's, Seager, and the Normal Brand, all of which are known for their passion for adventure and the West Coast vibe. Whether you're looking for a collard shirt for your 9-5, something to keep you warm while you're walking the sandy beaches, or a stylish button-up for date night, we have something for you. And with our wide selection of tees, you'll be sure to find the perfect everyday shirt. So don't waste your time shopping at big box stores, come visit us at Rooster Men's Shop and find your perfect shirt today.

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