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Outdoor Clothing—Nature in Style

Outdoor Clothing—Nature in Style

Outdoor clothing is built for ruggedness. It’s built to test the limits of nature. It's built for you. But you’re not just anyone. Outdoor clothing is an important companion to have when you’re on a date with Mother Nature as it offers protection and utility. Overtime, outdoor clothing has been revolutionized from something solely for purpose, to something also stylish. 

Evolution of Outdoor Clothing

Outerwear has always existed. Looking back before modern times, people wore animal hides and fur to keep warm while protecting themselves from the elements. Outdoor clothing wasn’t a want—it was a need. If you didn’t have appropriate attire, you wouldn’t survive against Mother Nature. 

As time moved on, so did the clothing. People began layering their clothes for added warmth, for example having pants, stockings, and boots insulated with plants or grass. As the temperatures warmed up, layers could be removed and vice versa.

Fast forward thousands of years to today and you can find not only practical clothing that is climate specific and available to either guys or gals, but you can also find something that fits your style and taste. Today, you can buy outdoor clothing that fits your specific activity such as hiking, camping, or surfing and also get gear that compliments the climate. Certain materials such as wool or polyester are meant for colder regions which traps in body heat, whereas other fabrics such as cotton are lightweight yet breathable, offering better airflow for warming temps. 

Speaking of fabrics; do you have a preferred material? We got it at Rooster Men’s Shop. Common outdoor clothing materials consist of wool, fleece, flannels, polyesters, and cotton blends to name a few. Not to mention all of the fancy gadgets that outdoor clothing now encompasses. Pockets, sherpa hoods, zippers, drawstrings, and velcro are all so commonly used today that it's hard to imagine life existed before these simple pleasures. 

Below is a basic timeline of the evolution of outdoor clothing. When we say basic, we mean it. It’s completely and totally basic. But hopefully you get the overall gist—that we’ve come a long, long way. 

  • Dawn of Time: Use of animal pelts and furs
  • 1700s: Use of wool
  • 1800s: Women were able to purchase outdoor dresses made of fur for warmth
  • 1880s: Kamleika was created which was a garment made of animal intestines to provide warmth and offer water resistance.
  • 1910s: Zippers were added to clothing
  • 1920s: Mountain climbers began to wear a combination of materials such as silk and cotton that still offered warmth but also better mobility and airflow
  • 1940s: Velcro and woven cotton fabrics were easily accessible 
  • 1970s: Synthetic fibers were integrated into outdoor gear which trapped heat without feeling the weight of heavy clothing, teflon was patented for clothing
  • 1980s: Ski clothing became bold fashion statements which revolutionized outdoor clothing, turning it from utility to trendy
  • 2000s: Eco-friendly clothes were emphasized 

Nature in Style at Rooster Men’s Shop

In addition to offering the Rooster Experience—knowledgeable staff who, you know, actually want to be at work at a creative chill place for the bros to shop—Rooster Men’s Shop is proud to offer a variety of outdoor clothing curated by some pretty special companies. 

All of the companies we partner with create unique clothing items that those other big stores just don’t seem to get right. Majority of these garments are done in small, limited batches adding to its uniqueness and they are all inspired by the great outdoors, ruggedness, grit, and taking life by the horns. Some of the many brands we carry that specialize in outdoor clothing are:

At Rooster Men’s Shop, we have a large selection of outdoor gear including, jackets, parkas, and flannels. But hey, we obviously have bottoms to keep you dressed from the waist down too. We offer chinos, canvas pants, joggers, and of course denim.

Maybe you’re a hunting kinda guy and need a jacket that offers utility and warmth but also doubles as a date-night look? Check out the Heartworn Highway Jacket from Seager. It’s loaded with pockets and is made of a cozy blend of materials including a sherpa collar.

Maybe you need something water resistant but warm. The Outerknown Hooded Puffer has your back. Literally…it literally goes on your back. This puffer offers 700-fill down for ultra comfort and warmth while the outside material is a water resistant polyester. Added bonus, it folds up into its chest pocket for ultimate convenience. Plus, it’s just pretty cool.

Howler Hooded Puffer

Maybe you just want something that screams manly or rugged, that is also functional for anything outdoors or in. Rooster has it. Outdoor clothing has been revolutionized over the years. What was once an article of clothing made out of pure necessity has grown into something equally functional and fashionable. We are proud to be a part of the movement. Check out our products and see for yourself here.

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