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Turtle Box Gen 2 Speaker

Turtle Box Gen 2 Speaker

I'm here today to talk about the Turtlebox Gen 2 Speaker, a piece of equipment that has been making headlines in the outdoor community lately. Let me clarify one thing before we get into the specifics: if you're looking for a speaker that will tremble the floor like a monster truck, you might want to choose something a little more... stationary. The Gen 2 is about functionality and mobility, not just brute power.

About the Brand

Turtlebox is an outdoor-focused brand known for its durable, high-quality portable speakers. Designed with the adventurous attitude in mind, these speakers can withstand the worst outdoor circumstances, From a sandy beach, to a deep forest, or a rocky mountain trek. The brand is distinguished by its focus to providing great sound quality in a sturdy and waterproof casing, making it the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, and music lovers.

Turtlebox's approach is based on a deep connection with nature and an outdoor lifestyle. It's evident in the rugged design of their products, but also in their collaborations with conservation organizations and communities who share their enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Turtlebox belives it is an essential element of the outdoor experience, complementing every trip with the power of music.

Large Sound in a Tough Enclosure 

Let me start by saying that the Turtlebox is a big tiny monster. This speaker is larger than a typical lunchbox. This thing has some heft to it, but it is not heavy. It's remarkably light for its size, in fact. Its durable look reminds me of something from a military barracks: tough and ready for action.

With sound at 120 dB, this speaker is capable of producing loud music. That's loud enough to keep the party going or to cover the wind noise when hiking. While the bass may not be as powerful as a 300-watt system, with the right EQ settings, you'll get a thump that's more than satisfying for its size.

Durability That Impresses

It has endured mud, rain, and more, yet it just keeps on playing. The build quality is top-notch – the kind of craftsmanship you can trust in the middle of nowhere. It's shock-resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof, so it can handle just about anything. 

Stereo Sound through Wireless Pairing 

The Turtlebox does not disappoint people who enjoy excellent stereo sound. You can wirelessly connect two of these speakers for a true left/right stereo experience. The immersive sound of music around you while you sit by the campfire truly elevates your outdoor gatherings. 

More Than Just a Speaker

One feature I particularly like is the Turtlebox's USB-C output, which converts it into a portable power bank. That's a useful small feature for those lengthy trips when you need to keep your devices charged. 

Brand Ambassadors: The Heart of Turtlebox


Turtlebox has built a loyal fanbase, thanks in part to its amazing lineup of brand ambassadors who reflect their love of the great outdoors. Among these is Matt Pittman, the pitmaster and founder of MeatChurch, whose BBQ skills and passion of open-air cooking make him an ideal match for the rugged and outdoor-friendly Turtlebox. 

Another noteworthy ambassador is Shane Dorian, whose is one of the best big-wave surfers in the world. Dorian's commitment to pushing limits and respect for nature are aligned with Turtlebox's concept. These ambassadors simply endorse the product that integrate it into their lifestyles, showcasing the speaker's potential to enhance outdoor experiences, such as grilling classics and surfing colossal waves

Sponsors and Strategic Alliances

Turtlebox's passion for the outdoors can be seen by its collaborations with numerous conservation organizations. Notable among these is the collaboration with the Coastal Conservation Association, a pioneer in marine conservation activities. Turtlebox's commitment to protecting our rivers and marine life resonates with people who value aquatic activities and environmental health. 

Another noteworthy relationship is with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, which focuses on the conservation of the important sportfish species. This collaboration blends the interests of both anglers and environmentalists, demonstrating a dedication to sustainable fishing practices.

Ties with companies such as Delta Waterfowl, The National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk FoundationTexas Parks & Wildlife and The Mule Deer Foundation to further demonstrate its commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation. These relationships support the brand's reliable and outdoor-ready products. 

In Conclusion

Is the Turtlebox worth it? If you spend a lot of time outside and require a speaker that can keep up with your schedule, then yes. It's a strong, dependable buddy who delivers when it counts. Whether you're throwing a cookout, exploring the trails, or simply hanging out at the lake, the Turtlebox has you covered.

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