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Liam Sweater Polo

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Introducing a knit that redefines relaxed sophistication, our new sweater polo is tailored for those who seek to blend polished style with unparalleled comfort. Far from the rigidity of traditional button-downs, this piece promises not just a wealth of compliments but a new staple in your wardrobe.

Crafted from a harmonious blend of 60% cotton for that breathable comfort, 30% nylon for a touch of softness, and 10% Merino wool for its insulating warmth, it's the knit you've been waiting for. This combination ensures a garment that's versatile enough to keep you looking sharp and feeling cozy, no matter the occasion.

Specs List:
- Material Composition: 60% Cotton for comfort, 30% Nylon for softness, 10% Merino Wool for warmth
- Fit: Standard, designed to fit just right; neither too tight nor too loose
- Care: Easy care with machine wash cold, lay flat to dry