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Breeze Chino Short 7"

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Marine Layer's latest versatile shorts blend the timeless appeal of classic chinos with the innovative Breeze fabric. This unique material mix—68% cotton for comfort, 29% nylon for durability, and 3% spandex for flexibility—ensures these shorts are not just lightweight and soft, but also stretchy and water-repellent. The built-in interior waistband adds an extra layer of stretch, making them perfect for any activity. They're designed to be your go-to choice, whether you're facing a day full of errands or an unexpected adventure.

- Composition: 68% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 3% Spandex
- Fit: Standard, for a comfortable and flattering silhouette
- Features: Water-repellent, extra stretch for ultimate comfort
- Care: Machine washable for easy care, tumble dry low