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Brochacho Hat

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The Brochacho Hat is a celebration of brotherhood in all its forms, whether you're a Brosky, Broseidon, or Teddy Bro-sevelt. This hat is as versatile as your brocabulary, crafted from lightweight corduroy for a comfortable, all-day wear. It features a screen-printed patch that adds a touch of unique style, making it clear that it's all about the bro-code. The unstructured 5-panel design, combined with pop-up mesh and a paracord rope, gives it a laid-back vibe, while the snapback closure ensures a perfect fit for any broventure. It's the ultimate hat for the bro on the go, ready for whatever, whenever.

Specs List:

  • Material: Lightweight Corduroy
  • Design: Screen Printed Patch
  • Structure: Unstructured 5-Panel
  • Features: Pop-Up Mesh, Paracord Rope, Snapback Closure