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Buckner Wool Camp Shirt

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A workhorse outdoor shirt made with 100% worsted wool.

The Buckner Wool Camp Shirt emerges as the epitome of outdoor versatility, constructed from 100% wool – nature's original high-performance fabric. In the realm of outdoor protection, wool has been a stalwart choice for adventurers long before synthetic fabrics came into play. Its innate breathability and insulating capabilities, whether wet or dry, establish an unmatched level of comfort across a spectrum of weather conditions.

The wool employed in crafting our Buckner Camp Shirt goes beyond functionality; it embodies a notable softness. Woven from yarns spun through a process that enhances loft for improved insulation, it delivers a luxurious tactile experience. The shirt's straight-cut hem allows for an effortlessly untucked appearance, complemented by the unstructured camp collar designed to lie flat, minimizing bulk at the neck for seamless layering. Adding to its well-thought-out design, dual pleats in the rear yoke ensure unhindered motion through the shoulders. The Buckner Wool Camp Shirt is not just a garment; it's a testament to the fusion of style and functionality for those who appreciate quality outdoor apparel.