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Classic Fatigue Pant

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Gear up with the Classic Fatigue Pant, drawing inspiration from timeless military wear. These pants are cut from heavy-duty, washed cotton twill, boasting a robust build that's ready for anything. With a nod to authenticity, they feature a reverse side twill texture, enhancing their rugged appeal. Designed for functionality and form, they come equipped with side and dual back welt pockets, a fixed waist for a no-nonsense fit, and a straight leg that subtly tapers for a sharp silhouette. Crafted from 100% cotton, they promise durability without compromising on comfort, making them perfect for daily wear or outdoor adventures.

Specs List:
- Material: 100% Durable Cotton Twill
- Texture: Made with Reverse Side Twill
- Waist: Fixed
- Pockets: Side and Dual Back Welt
- Leg: Straight with a Slight Taper
- Ideal for: Everyday Wear, Outdoor Activities