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The Hammer Straight- Indigo One Wash 10.5oz Selvedge

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The Hammer Straight in Indigo One Wash 10.5oz Selvedge is a nostalgic nod to vintage blue jean aesthetics, with a modern twist. Hiroshi Kato’s vision breathes life into the union of the vintage and the contemporary. This denim originates from Japan, crafted from Premium Japanese 4-Way Stretch Selvedge in one of the oldest denim mills. But it's not just about tradition: this selvedge denim is infused with a 4-way stretch material, redefining comfort by providing an unparalleled 360-degree stretch experience. Each detail is meticulously attended to, as every pair undergoes a 60 to 90-day journey in their Los Angeles workshop, from cutting to sewing to washing and final testing.

For those who crave authentic denim with a modern touch, The Hammer Straight offers the best of both worlds. With its straight fit, 96% cotton and 4% polyurethane composition, and the undeniable charm of Indigo-washed 10.5oz selvedge, it truly stands out. And with multiple fits and washes to choose from, your style narrative is endless. This isn’t just denim – it’s a testament to the art of apparel, and Hiroshi Kato ensures every piece radiates intention, passion, and innovation.


  • Fit: Straight fit
  • Material: 96% Cotton, 4% Polyurethane
  • Weight: Indigo washed 10.5oz
  • Features: 4-way stretch selvedge denim
  • Origin: Made in USA
  • Model Details: Model stands at 6'2" and wears size 32