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Desert Pennant - Strapback

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The DESERT Pennant Strapback harks back to the classic feel of vintage felt pennants from the 30s through the 60s. the design encapsulated the essence of heritage and passion for places that hold a special spot in our hearts. The hat features a khaki micro herringbone underbrim and lining, a nod to the vintage racing culture where khaki reigned supreme over denim. The combination of an unstructured upper and a leather strapback rounds off this piece, ensuring it stands out in any collection.

Specs List:

  • Upper: 100% Cotton Twill
  • Lining: Khaki Cotton Micro-herringbone
  • Fit: Unstructured Vintage with Adjustable Leather Strapback
  • Design: Vintage-Style Felt Pennant Applique