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Dome Cocktail smoking Kit

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The Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit by Crafty Cocktail offers an artisanal experience for home mixologists or anyone looking to elevate their party-hosting game. This handcrafted kit comes with a unique double glass dome designed to capture maximum smoke, ensuring a robust, aromatic cocktail. The stylish, pure oak base will look right at home on your bar top, contributing a touch of class to any gathering.

The kit includes a pack of barrel-aged smoking chips for infusing your beverages with a rich, smoky flavor. Each component is carefully handmade and requires 1-2 days to construct, ensuring a unique, high-quality product. 


  • 1 High Quality Butane Torch
  • 1 Wooden Oak Base (7.25 x 7.25")
  • 1 Hand Blown Glass Dome
  • 1 Cocktail Rocks Glas
  • FREE Barrel Aged Oak Chips