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Keep it Flowing Membership

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Introducing our "Keep it Flowing" Membership - the perfect solution to elevate your shopping experience with Rooster Bus. Designed to make your online shopping effortless and cost-effective, this membership is more than just a free shipping service; it's a commitment to enhance your experience, provide quality products, and create a community that values beyond mere business transactions.

For only $6.99 every two months - equivalent to the cost of a standard shipping fee, we're offering you the privilege of having unlimited orders delivered right to your doorstep with zero shipping fees. This membership ensures that you enjoy unlimited shopping at Rooster Bus without the burden of additional shipping costs, making it a truly valuable deal.

No more calculating whether or not it's worth it to buy that extra item to hit the free shipping threshold, or trying to find a coupon code that will magically make the shipping cost disappear. Just be sure you use the same email next time you try to checkout and VOILA! Free shipping. It couldn't be easier.

There is no cap on the number of orders you can place as a member, either during your trial or post-trial period. Think of this membership as your very own key to Rooster Bus, which operates around the clock, serving you 24/7.

Our "Keep it Flowing" Membership is more than a business initiative. We strive to put our customers at the forefront, making this membership a symbol of our dedication to offering an improved and personalized shopping experience. It is about our commitment to you - providing you with the best of men's Clothes at your convenience.

Please remember that you can cancel your membership at any time. However, we're optimistic that once you've experienced the benefits.

In summary, our "Keep it Flowing" Membership provides you with unlimited shopping freedom at Rooster Bus, all for the price of a standard shipping fee every two months.


    • Only available for the lower 48 states
    • Subscription can be cancelled at any time