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Freightliner Denim Jacket

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Meet the Seager Freightliner Denim Jacket, where heritage style and contemporary design unite. Crafted from robust 12oz dark wash blue denim, it features a touch of nostalgia with its brown corduroy collar and a cozy faux fur-lined body that harkens back to the hardy jackets of yesteryear. The quilted lining in the sleeves provides that extra layer of insulation, making this more than just a denim jacket—it's a fortress against the cold, all while keeping you sharply dressed. This isn't just a garment; it's a testament to timeless fashion, a piece you'll reach for season after season, guaranteed to become as essential in your wardrobe as it was in Grandpa's.


  • Material: 12 oz. Dark Wash Blue Denim
  • Collar: Brown Corduroy
  • Lining: Faux Fur Body with Quilted Sleeve Lining
  • Key Features: Vintage-inspired design, cozy and warm, built for durability