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Freshwater Camp Shirt

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Presenting the Freshwater Camp Shirt by The Normal Brand – a fresh reinterpretation of the classic vintage camp shirt. This shirt exemplifies simple elegance with its clean lines and vintage desert styling, making it a standout choice for those sweltering summer days and warm Sonoran nights.

Expertly crafted from soft, breathable linen, the Freshwater Camp Shirt offers an exceptional blend of comfort and style. A part of our expanding Freshwater collection, it introduces a dash of novelty into your wardrobe, ensuring your style stays crisp and cool during warmer seasons.


  • Style: Clean lines and vintage desert styling
  • Material: Soft, breathable linen
  • Collection: Part of the Freshwater collection
  • Suitable for: Warm summer days and nights
  • Design: Offers a fresh and novel addition to your closet