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Hand Tied Flies Hat Gray

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The Hand Tied Flies Hat from Sendero is a tip of the hat to the art of fly fishing and the tall tales that come with it. Boasting an embroidered design that captures the essence of their best-in-class, hyper-realistic flies, this cap is all about the spirit of the catch—and the ones that got away. Made from brushed twill for a comfortable fit, its unstructured 5-panel design and pop-up stay give it a relaxed look that's perfect for swapping stories on the riverbank. The braided rope adds a classic fishing touch, making it a must-have for those who cast their lines with pride on this side of the Mississippi.

Specs List:

  • Material: Brushed Twill
  • Design: Embroidered Fly Fishing Theme
  • Structure: Unstructured 5-Panel with Pop-Up Stay
  • Detail: Braided Rope