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Hemisphere Sweater

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Embrace effortless dressing with Outerknown's Hemisphere Sweater. Designed for the dynamic needs of transitional weather, this lightweight raglan layer seamlessly joins form and function. With its origins rooted in the finest recycled Italian yarn made from denim, its unique marled and nubby texture is a tactile delight that sets it apart.

This crewneck sweater boasts depth in color, thanks to its carefully crafted marled yarns. With sustainability taking center stage, the sweater is a blend of 80% recycled cotton, reducing water wastage and giving waste a new lease of life. Additionally, the incorporation of organic cotton stands testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to planet-friendly practices, ensuring safer conditions for farmers and a healthier environment.


  • Design: Lightweight, transitional raglan with a marled, nubby texture. Crewneck style suitable for year-round wear.
  • Sustainability: 80% recycled cotton, 15% cotton, 5% other; champions water conservation and reduces waste.
  • Fit: 27" length on size M.
  • Care: Hand wash only. Dry clean if necessary.