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Hull Jacket

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This polar fleece-lined flannel jacket brings together the best of both worlds. On the exterior, a 100% cotton layer (at a substantial 275 GSM) stands guard against the chill, while on the inside, a super soft 100% polyester polar fleece (at 150 GSM) cocoons you in a comforting embrace. But the Hull Jacket is not just about feeling cozy—it's a masterpiece in design. With metal engraved snaps, prominent double chest pockets, signature Otis Pillar flaps, scallop side-seams adorned with contrast fabric detail. Jetty's customary touch is evident with the custom labeling at the neck, inner-placket, and chest pocket. So, when you wear the Hull, you're not just sporting a jacket—you're making a statement.


  • Exterior Material: 100% Cotton (275 GSM).
  • Interior Material: 100% Polyester Polar Fleece (150 GSM).
  • Design: Polar Fleece Lined Flannel Jacket with Metal Engraved Snaps.
  • Features: Large Double Chest Pockets with Otis Pillar Flaps, Scallop Side-Seams with Contrast Fabric Detail.
  • Details: Custom Labeling at Neck, Inner-Placket, and Chest Pocket.
  • Benefits: Offers unmatched warmth and a distinctive design, perfect for the style-conscious individual who refuses to compromise on comfort.