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A warm overshirt made with 100% virgin wool.

Fashioned from 100% virgin wool, the Filson Shirt Jacket is more than just a warm overshirt – it's a versatile garment with a rich history. Introduced into our product line half a century ago, this iconic Jac-Shirt has served as a heavy shirt, overshirt, insulating layer, and light jacket, proving its reliability in a myriad of outdoor conditions.

Expertly crafted in our Washington factory, the original Jac-Shirt is a timeless outdoor staple designed to provide unparalleled warmth in any setting, harnessing the unique properties of 100% wool. The 18-oz. fabric, featuring a tight weave, strikes a harmonious balance between breathability and wind resistance, ensuring enduring durability for decades of use. Wool's inherent characteristics, including natural water resistance, moisture-wicking ability, and warmth retention even when wet, make it a standout choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The complex fiber structure of wool also resists odors, simplifying care and maintenance. Despite the advancements in synthetic materials, none can match the all-around performance of nature's original miracle-fiber.

Tailored for active use, the Jac-Shirt boasts a straight hem for untucked wear and a roomy cut that allows for easy movement without constriction, whether worn over a shirt or heavy base layers. The two chest pockets are equipped with hidden buttons, ensuring a sleek appearance even when left unbuttoned.

The Filson Jac-Shirt is more than a garment; it's a versatile performer that has earned its favored status among outdoorsmen since the 1970s.