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Kala Mahogany Concert Banjo Ukulele

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The Natural Mahogany Banjo Concert Ukulele is Kala's innovative tribute to the banjo, reimagined for ukulele enthusiasts. It offers the beloved "banjolele" appeal at a more accessible price point. This model features a rustic aesthetic and produces a twangy sound softened by nylon strings. Equipped with a Remo Weatherking® Banjo Head, natural mahogany back and sides, a floating bridge, and a custom Banjolele Gig Bag, it's a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Specs List:
- Design: Banjo Concert Ukulele with rustic aesthetic
- Features: Remo Weatherking® Banjo Head, floating bridge
- Materials: Natural Mahogany back & sides
- Strings: Nylon for a mellowed twangy tone
- Includes: Custom Banjolele Gig Bag