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Matia opens with the inviting scent of Cardamom intermingled with spicy Ginger Blossom, before giving way to the complex notes of Carrot Seed and Geranium. The fragrance is anchored with notes of Patchouli, Leather Accord, and Black Amber. The composite is a deeply intimate fragrance—a salty skin scent that is both familiar and surreal. Like the island itself, the only way to understand Matia is to experience it for yourself.

A Note from the Perfumer:
“When I worked on Matia with Fulton & Roark, it was important that the fragrance be made up of unique new ingredients that came together into a memorable scent that would allow someone to express themselves. It was also important to use ingredients that have a positive social impact, and so we used Firmenich Naturals Together ingredients such as the French Carrot seeds, Egyptian Geranium, Indonesian Patchouli which are all responsibly sourced.”


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