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Mod Sport Jam

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Designed for the daring and adventurous, the Mod Sport Jam Shorts are built to accommodate any activity. Made from durable nylon, these shorts are crafted to withstand the rigors of active use while providing a comfortable fit. The slightly longer 18-inch length offers more coverage and style, making them perfect for various adventures from the beach to the trails.

The elastic waistband and poly drawstring ensure a secure and adjustable fit, allowing these shorts to adapt to your movements and activities with ease. Lightweight yet resilient, the 100% nylon fabric dries quickly, keeping you comfortable throughout all your endeavors.

Specs List:

- Material: 100% Nylon
- Length: 18-inch jam
- Waistband: Elastic with poly drawstring

Ideal for those who value both style and functionality, the Mod Sport Jam Shorts are your go-to choice for any outdoor activity or casual wear, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish no matter where your adventures take you.