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The Secrid Moneyband, a companion to the Cardprotector, embodying a blend of minimalist functionality and modern aesthetics. This compact solution is perfect for securely holding banknotes and receipts, with its vibrant elastic band and stainless steel clip ensuring a firm grip on essentials. The rubber detail on the interior further fortifies the hold, making it a hassle-free choice for individuals on the go. Besides its primary function, the Moneyband showcases remarkable versatility as it can seamlessly pair with another Cardprotector, creating a slender ensemble with room for some notes in between. This feature extends its utility to holding extra cards or business cards, making it a statement of simplicity, efficiency, and understated style. With the Secrid Moneyband, experience a smooth, organized, and stylish way to carry just what you need.


  • Material: Elastic, Stainless Steel Clip, Rubber Detail
  • Holds: Extra Cards, Banknotes, Business Cards
  • Features: Slim Design, Firm Grip, Versatile Usage
  • Benefits: Compact, Functional, Modern Aesthetic