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Introducing Nightcap, the pioneer scent of our exclusive luxury collection. Crafted for those crisp evenings, whether you're out on a date night, taking a leisurely winter stroll, warming up by the fire with lifelong pals, or simply lounging as the night stretches on. It's the quintessential companion for moments just like these.

Nightcap sets itself apart with a blend that's nothing short of captivating. The deep, smoky notes of Aged Bourbon, the rugged aroma of Vintage Leather, and the warm, inviting scent of Charred Vanilla come together in a symphony of fragrances that lingers from dawn till dusk.

This fragrance is not only a journey for the senses but also a piece of artisanal craftsmanship. Encased in a premium, American leather sleeve, each bottle is a testament to exclusivity and craftsmanship, with Tactile Craftworks taking the helm in hand-numbering and stitching each of the limited 500 pieces.

Specs List:
- Scent Family: Smoky, Woody, & Leathery, for a rich and immersive fragrance experience.
- Featured Notes: Aged Bourbon, Vintage Leather, Charred Vanilla, offering a sophisticated and complex aroma.
- Packaging: Each bottle is encased in a hand-numbered, hand-stitched American leather sleeve by Tactile Craftworks, highlighting the uniqueness and craftsmanship.
- Edition: Limited to 500 pieces, making each bottle a collector's item.