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Old Fashioned Candle

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Swirling aromas of oak barrels blend seamlessly with the rich undertones of demerara sugar, while the zest of lemon and orange dances on the fringes, reminiscent of a freshly muddled concoction. Close your eyes and you're transported straight to a dimly lit cocktail bar, the clink of glasses in the air, the warmth of laughter all around. 


  • Wax Type: 8 oz. premium soy wax blend
  • Origin: Poured and packaged by hand in Nashville, TN
  • Burn Time: 30+ hour burn time
  • Scent Notes: Oak barrels, demerara sugar, lemon, and orange.

Candle tips:

  • The First Burn

    • The first burn is the most important. Make sure the melt pool reaches all sides of the candle before extinguishing otherwise tunneling can occur.

  • Subsequent Burns

    • Try to make a habit of letting the melt pool always reach the sides of the candle to ensure you capture the candles whole potential. Never exceed 4 hours of burning.

  • Trim Your Wicks

    • Always trim your wicks to 1/4" before every burn so that the candle does not burn faster than it should.

  • Candles To Cocktails

    • All of our 8 oz glass candles are hand poured into cocktail glasses. Here's how to transform them.

    • Place candle in freezer overnight.

    • Run hot tap water over wax to loosen and then remove with wooden utensil.

    • Remove wick tabs from base of glass (they may have come out with the wax already). If they do not remove easily, fill the glass with warm water and dish soap and let them soak.

    • Clean out glass with soap and water.

    • Pour your drink of choice and say 'cheers'.