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PABST Blue Ribbon Roscoe

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Introducing the PABST Blue Ribbon Roscoe Cap, a hat that's all about kicking back and enjoying the good times. This cap takes the iconic PABST Blue Ribbon and weaves it into a style that's as relaxed as a weekend BBQ. With its washed twill and soft structured crown, it's got that worn-in feel that makes it seem like an old favorite from the first wear. The slight curve on the visor keeps the sun out of your eyes without losing that easy-going look, and the braided nylon cord adds a touch of something different. Snap it on with the plastic snap closure, and you've got a fit that's just right for you. And that front logo? It's a merrowed twill patch that says you're not just about the beer, you're about the lifestyle.


  • Material: Washed Twill for a pre-loved feel.
  • Crown: Soft structured for comfort from the get-go.
  • Visor: Slightly curved to shade and style.
  • Accent: Braided nylon cord for a unique touch.
  • Closure: Plastic snap for easy, adjustable fitting.
  • Logo: Front merrowed twill patch for that authentic PABST vibe.