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Patrol Hat

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The Patrol Hat from Katin's headwear collection upholds the brand's legacy of high-quality and durable products, drawing inspiration from their acclaimed surf trunks. This hat is designed for individuals who prioritize both style and enduring comfort in their headwear. Crafted from cotton herringbone, it provides a sophisticated texture and a breathable fit, making it suitable for various occasions and activities.

Key Specs:

  • Material: Constructed from cotton herringbone, the Patrol Hat offers a unique blend of durability and softness, ensuring a comfortable wear experience.
  • Design Detail: It features a custom Katin patch, adding a distinct and recognizable element of the brand's style to the hat.
  • Closure: The hat comes with a buckle sliding closure, which allows for a customizable and secure fit. This type of closure ensures that the hat can comfortably accommodate a wide range of head sizes.