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Pit CTRL Aluminum-Free Deodorant

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Take control of your day with Pit CTRL Aluminum-Free Deodorant, a natural and vegan option for all-day odor protection. Featuring our best-selling Turbo® aroma, this deodorant is not only effective but also gentle on your skin. With a formula comprised of 97% natural ingredients, it offers a healthy alternative to traditional antiperspirants.

What's In It

  • Baking Soda: A powerhouse ingredient for neutralizing odors, keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day.

  • Cornstarch: Works to both minimize odors and absorb wetness, offering a dual-action approach for odor control.

  • Enzymes: Act to neutralize and convert malodors, rounding out a trio of active ingredients for reliable odor protection.

How & When to Use It

To apply, turn the base of the stick to raise the product. Use sparingly, aiming for just 2-3 light strokes per armpit. Allow the product to dry thoroughly before dressing. For optimal results, you can use it in the morning, evening, or post-workout as needed.

First-Time Users

If you're new to natural deodorants, please note that there may be an adjustment period when switching from an antiperspirant. During the first few weeks, you may experience increased sweating or feel that the deodorant isn't effectively controlling odor. This is normal and typically subsides within 4 weeks as your body adjusts to the product.