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Playa Pocket Tee

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The Playa Pocket Tee from Katin is an example of casual wear that perfectly combines style, comfort, and eco-consciousness. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, this tee is designed to offer unparalleled softness and a gentle touch on the skin. Its commitment to organic materials not only ensures comfort but also supports environmentally friendly practices.

Key Specs:

  • Material: The tee is constructed from 100% certified organic cotton, ensuring a breathable, soft, and comfortable experience ideal for everyday wear.
  • Fabric Treatment: Undergoing a custom dyeing and washing process, the Playa Pocket Tee achieves a unique color and an enhanced level of softness, elevating both its style and wearability.
  • Design Detail: It features the distinctive Katin flag label, adding a touch of brand authenticity and subtle style.
  • Additional Feature: The addition of a pocket adds a functional element to the tee, making practical.