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R-Jaunt 20L

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Introducing the R-Jaunt 20L by IceMule, the pinnacle of eco-friendly cooling solutions designed for outdoor escapades. This spacious cooler, skillfully crafted from top-quality recycled PET materials, provides a sustainable option for the environmentally conscious user. It champions a timeless silhouette that embodies style, practicality, and sustainability, reducing plastic waste and endorsing energy-efficient practices.

Its compact and portable design, coupled with handy carrying straps, make it an ideal ally for beach outings, camping excursions, picnics, and all other outdoor activities. The R-Jaunt 20L incorporates ICEMULE's superior insulation technology, ensuring your beverages stay chilled and snacks fresh for longer. Coupled with a water-resistant structure and innovative roll-top design for easy access, it lets you focus more on your adventure, making it the perfect blend of functionality and convenience.


  • Material: Recycled PET
  • Volume: 20L (Accommodates 20 cans + 10lbs of ice)
  • Side clips for easy access
  • Waterproof roll-top
  • Front pocket storage
  • Sternum straps for balanced weight
  • Dual padded straps made from recycled PET
  • Air valve for adjustable insulation