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Road Rage Truckin

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The "Road Rage" trucker cap in olive-green channels the essence of untamed energy and formidable strength. Adorned with a wild bull motif, it represents the sheer force the name "Road Rage" suggests. Complemented by the "Raging" text, it's a hat that embodies intense passion and vigor. Its olive-green shade adds a touch of rugged sophistication, while its classic trucker cap design ensures a relaxed fit that speaks to both determination and confidence. Choose the "Road Rage" cap to navigate life's paths with full force and distinct style.

Specs List:

  • Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Design: Wild Bull Motif with "Raging" Text
  • Color: Olive-Green
  • Style: Classic Trucker Cap Cut
  • Features: Distinctive Castle Logo, Animal Farm Hologram for Authenticity