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RoosterBus Desert Dreams x Katin Tee

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Introducing 'Desert Dreams', the latest creation born from the partnership between Rooster Bus and Katin. Made from 100% organic cotton, this isn't just any T-shirt; it's a tribute, a handshake across states, from the heart of Arizona to the shores of California.

At Rooster Bus, we've journeyed from a wandering store in a revamped Hotshot bus to a fixed haven in Arizona, always sticking to our guns - quality, simplicity, and authenticity. And Katin? They're greats in their own right, crafting California's first surf trunks from durable canvas, a legacy that's been riding the waves since 1954.

So, to our loyal fans and to those just joining the journey, 'Desert Dreams' isn't merely a launch; it's a celebration. A celebration of our partnership with Katin, of the rugged and the refined, and of the endless adventures that lie ahead. Here's to the journey ahead, and trust us, there's plenty more to come.