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Semi Best - Snapback

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Immerse yourself in the authentic spirit of the West with Ampal's "Semi Best" Snapback Hat, a testament to quality and style since 2010. This remarkable hat, proudly made in Los Angeles, CA, captures the essence of Western ruggedness blended with contemporary design, making it a standout choice for hat enthusiasts.

Materials and Details:

  • Upper Fabric: The hat is constructed from deadstock US 100% Cotton Canvas Twill for the upper, providing a robust and durable texture. This high-quality material ensures longevity and consistent comfort.
  • Underbrim: Featuring a unique deadstock blanket stripe underbrim, the hat showcases a distinct, eye-catching design that sets it apart from the ordinary. This element adds an extra layer of style and personality to the hat.
  • Embroidered Felt Patch: The front is made with an embroidered felt patch, adding a touch of craftsmanship and attention to detail that Ampal is renowned for.
  • Unstructured Crushable Upper: True to Ampal's unstructured fit, the hat offers a flexible, crushable upper, reminiscent of vintage baseball caps, yet it maintains a depth akin to trucker or fitted hats.

Fit and Design:

  • Ampal Unstructured Fit: This hat boasts the signature Ampal unstructured fit, offering a relaxed and comfortable experience while ensuring it fits a variety of head shapes and sizes seamlessly.
  • Snapback Closure: The classic snapback closure provides an adjustable, secure fit, making this hat a versatile accessory for any outdoor adventure or casual outing.

With its roots deeply embedded in the West and its design squarely in the modern era, the Ampal "Semi Best" Snapback Hat is more than just headwear. It's a celebration of heritage and the contemporary, perfect for those who value both tradition and trend.