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Stacy Stripe Polo

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The Stacy Stripe Polo harks back to the vibrant '70s skate culture, a nod to the era's fearless spirit and style. This polo is woven from a rich mix of materials, leading with Pima Cotton, known for its softness and durability. The blend ensures a comfortable wear, perfect for those on the move or simply enjoying a relaxed day out. The polo features a distinctive stripe pattern that catches the eye, set off by a practical three-button placket and a classic collar. The garment is finished with a wash and softener, enhancing its comfort and giving it that ready-to-wear feel from the first moment you put it on.

Specs List:
- Material Composition: 50% Pima Cotton, 28% Polyester, 13% Lyocell, 9% Spandex
- Design: Custom stripe pattern
- Closure: Three-button placket with collar
- Additional Feature: Garment washed with softener for enhanced comfort