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The Closer 5-Blade Cartridge Razor Refills

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Take your shaving routine to the next level with The Closer 5-Blade Cartridge Razor Refills from Jack Black®. Designed exclusively for precision and comfort, The Closer Razor offers an ergonomic handle with inset pad grip and diamond-etched knurling for maximum control and easy handling. No more struggling with slippery handles or awkward angles; this razor ensures a smooth and effortless shave every time.

The Closer Razor set includes a handle and two 5-blade cartridges that:

  • Are made in Solingen, Germany: Known for its high-quality craftsmanship, your blades are manufactured to last.

  • Include a precision trimmer and pivoting head: Enjoy unparalleled control, making it easy to navigate tricky areas like under the nose or the jawline.

  • Are diamond-coated for sharpness and durability: Expect a close shave, every time, with blades designed to remain sharp use after use.

  • Are suitable for sensitive skin: Worry less about irritation or rash, as these blades are dermatologist-tested and crafted to be gentle on your skin.