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The Pen Slim- Neil 10.5oz.

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The Pen Slim- Neil 10.5 Oz. by Hiroshi Kato merges the enduring charm of the vintage blue jean with innovative design nuances. Sourced from Japan, home to one of the most venerable denim mills, our fabric is a testament to decades of mastery. Integrating a one-of-a-kind 4-way stretch with the iconic selvedge denim, we've crafted a denim experience that promises both style and unparalleled comfort. With the ability to stretch in every direction, this denim will move with you, adapting to every activity in your day.

From the weaving intricacies of vintage shuttle looms in Japan to the bustling workshops of Los Angeles, each pair is a product of passion and precision, undergoing a 60 to 90-day journey of creation and refinement. With a myriad of fits, weights, and washes to choose from, personalizing your style becomes a seamless affair. And when you slip into the Neil, know that you're wearing a piece enriched with tradition, yet amplified by modernity and comfort.


  • Fit: Slim fit
  • Weight & Wash: Indigo washed, 10.5oz
  • Material: 96% Cotton / 4% Polyurethane
  • Feature: 4-Way stretch selvedge denim
  • Origin: Fabric developed in Japan, Crafted in Los Angeles
  • Model Info: Model is 6'3" and wearing a size 32.
  • Craftsmanship: 60 to 90-day meticulous crafting process, traditional shuttle loom weaving.