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The Tyler by Guy Fox brings in the spirit of a sunny San Diego summer, delivering an splash of citrusy Bergamot Zest and Mandarin Orange, mixed in with the freshness of Juniper and Coastal Sage. Every spray is like that of light-hearted beach days, promising to uplift your spirits even on the cloudiest of days. Made in tribute to the real-life Tyler – a cornerstone of Guy Fox's early journey, this fragrance encapsulates the feel of lively summer vibes. With a scent profile echoing the breezy shores of Lake Michigan, Tyler is your bottled burst of sunshine.


  • Scent Family: Citrus/Green
  • Featured Notes: Coastal Sage, Coconut Water, Juniper
  • Concentration: 28% (Eau de Parfum)
  • Size: 50ml
  • Duration: 6-12+ months depending on usage
  • Origin: Made in the USA