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A revolution in sustainable fashion, the URCA CWL sneaker marries innovative materials with classic style. With an upper constructed from C.W.L. (Cotton Worked as Leather) - a remarkable vegan alternative to traditional leather, you get both aesthetics and durability. The sneaker's panels, also crafted from C.W.L. and accented by vegan suede, present a seamless blend of style and ethics. Proudly bearing Veja's iconic 'V' logo, also in vegan suede, shows the commitment to a brighter and greener tomorrow. The comfort factor is accentuated by the insole's combination of Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, recycled E.V.A., and organic cotton, ensuring every step feels as good as you look.


  • Upper: C.W.L. (organic cotton coated with a resin from P.U., corn starch, and ricinus oil)
  • Panels: C.W.L. and vegan suede
  • Logo V: Vegan suede
  • Insole Composition: 11% Amazonian rubber, 42% sugar cane, 11% recycled E.V.A., and 12% organic cotton
  • Outsole Composition: 40% Amazonian rubber and 10% recycled rubber
  • Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)
  • Laces: 100% Organic cotton
  • Origin: Made in Brazil

*ethylene vinyl acetate