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Discover Vince by Guy Fox, a seamless blend of traditional smells and flair. This fragrance bursts forth with Crushed Lime and Mint Gin, settling into the scent of deep Sunset Musk. A proud member of the Fougère family, Vince sophistication is displayed with its green, floral notes. Inspired by the upscale charm of Connecticut's coast and the vibrant energy of nearby NYC, it's a scent crafted for the confident man. Whether you're in a board meeting or at a weekend getaway, Vince is your go-to for a lasting impression.


  • Scent Family: Fougère
  • Featured Notes: Crushed Lime, Mint Gin, Sunset Musk
  • Concentration: 30% (Eau de Parfum)
  • Sizes: 2ml and 50ml
  • Duration: 6-12+ months depending on usage
  • Origin: Made in the USA