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Volley Canvas

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Paying homage to the classic Brazilian volleyball shoes of the 1970s, VEJA reintroduces the Volley, its premiere model first launched in 2005. The VEJA Volley combines retro style with modern sustainable practices, making it more than just footwear—it's a step towards environmental responsibility. 

The upper of the Volley is crafted entirely from organic cotton, grown in Brazil and Peru under fair trade principles that prioritize the wellbeing of people and the planet. This organic cultivation not only supports local farmers but also enhances soil diversity and water retention. Complementing the sustainable upper are panels made of high-quality suede and leather, providing durability and a snug fit.

The Volley features a distinctive V logo made from Amazonian rubber, mineral silica, and synthetic rubber, reflecting VEJA’s commitment to using renewable resources. The insole is a comfortable blend of Amazonian rubber, bio-based E.V.A from sugar cane, recycled E.V.A, and organic cotton, designed for cushioning and support. The outsole's robust composition includes Amazonian rubber and silica for excellent traction, while the welt made from synthetic rubber and silica adds structural integrity.

Finished with a lining of 100% recycled polyester and organic cotton laces, the VEJA Volley is manufactured in Brazil, embodying the brand's dedication to ethical production and innovative material use.

Specs List:
-Style: GAT, German Army Trainer, similar to Oliver Cabell and Adidas Somba
- Upper Material: 100% Organic cotton
- Panel Materials: Suede and leather for durability and style
- Logo V Composition: 26% Amazonian rubber, 22% mineral silica, 14% synthetic rubber, 38% other materials
- Insole Composition: 11% Amazonian rubber, 42% bio-based E.V.A (sugar cane), 11% recycled E.V.A, 12% organic cotton, 14% other materials
- Outsole Composition: 40% Amazonian rubber, 23% mineral silica, 10% recycled rubber, 11% synthetic rubber, 16% other materials
- Welt Composition: 40% synthetic rubber, 22% mineral silica, 38% other materials
- Lining: 100% recycled polyester (Tech)
- Laces: 100% organic cotton
- Manufacture Location: Made in Brazil
- Eco-Friendly Practices: Cultivation follows fair trade and organic principles in Brazil and Peru; supports regenerative practices.