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Wyatt Button Up Short Sleeve

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The Wyatt Button Up Short Sleeve is a testament to timeless style and rugged durability. Made from 100% 5oz cotton denim, this shirt is built to last and gets better with every wear. Its vintage western pearl snaps add a classic touch, while the stone-washed and worn-in finish gives it an authentic, lived-in look. The shirt doesn't shy away from its roots, featuring classic western yokes and construction that pay homage to the heritage of the West. Finished with Sendero western labels, it's the perfect blend of tradition and comfort for those who appreciate the enduring appeal of western wear.

Specs List:
- Material: 100% 5oz cotton denim for durability and comfort.
- Details: Vintage western pearl snaps for a classic touch.
- Finish: Stone washed and worn-in for an authentic look.
- Construction: Classic western yokes and construction honor traditional style.
- Branding: Sendero western labels for authentic appeal.