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Buy Seager at Rooster Men's Shop

Buy Seager at Rooster Men's Shop

Maybe you love America, or maybe you love the American West, either way, Seager clothing takes your gritty passion and turns it into fashion. Luckily for you, it has never been easier to buy Seager clothing thanks to Rooster Men’s Shop, a local Arizona brick and mortar retailer that appreciates the art of shopping in store, fine clothing, and even finer people such as yourself.  

About Seager Co

Fashioned in California by a group of friends—see what we did there?— Seager is a small, bootstrapped company that makes high-quality products in small batches to share their love and passion with others who long for the simplicity of life's many adventures. Their passion of upholding the integrity of the West is only matched by their love of surf culture and outdoor adventures that come with it. 

Because Seager is a bootstrap company, they make small clothing batches in an effort of producing less waste. Less waste equates to a better and healthier planet and community. In another effort to maintain the beautiful Old West in its modern era, Seager Co.mmunity is a program that was created to give back to the communities. By partnering with 1% for the Planet, every year, 1% of Seager’s profits are donated to environmental nonprofit organizations that aide in preserving state national parks. By buying Seager clothing, you are literally helping a small business and the community at the same time. Now that’s something to be proud of. 

Buy Seager at Rooster Men’s Shop

Seager may not have their own store that you can shop in and try on these modernly rugged clothes, but we do. Rooster Men’s Shop is proud to offer a variety of Seager products at our Arizona stores in addition to our website. We call this the Rooster experience! If you're looking for a great selection of men’s products that you can actually touch and feel prior to purchasing, an environment where you feel at home, plus knowledgable staff with a sense of humor, then you’ve come to the right place. 

What started as a converted 1984 international bus has since turned into two physical store locations, one in Scottsdale and one in Flagstaff, Arizona. Think about your happy place. When you come into a Rooster location, we want you to get those same happy tingles in your fingers and toes as you would at that said place. Now pickup your imaginary beer and come mingle around the store and meet some new brands. We’re sure you’ll find something to your liking to take home. Maybe you’ll like it so much you’ll even bring it home to ma. 

Since Rooster Men’s Shop is a local Arizona small business, not only do you get the Rooster Experience, but you are also putting money straight back into your community while reducing carbon footprint waste and increasing local jobs.

Available Seager Products at Rooster Men’s Shop

Rooster Men’s Shop is proud to offer the following Seager products:

Seagar Hats

Hats: Over 40 different hats to choose from, including snapbacks, wovens, and flapjacks. Hats come in a variety of colors and sizes, so there is literally something for everyone. Even you. Snapbacks allow for easy size adjustments and flapjacks offer the ability for extra warmth by flipping down or up sherpa panels along the ears. Majority of Seager hats are medium profile, providing you that perfect fit that isn’t too low and isn’t too high.

Seagar Outerwear

Outerwear: Jackets are available for a variety of weather severities with options ranging from the everyday Ranch Jacket to a heavy duty and waterproof Bighorn Puffer. Although stylish, these pieces are made for the unpredictable elements of Mother Nature with utility or storage pockets and YKK Zippers.

Seagar Shirts

Shirts: There are over 100 Seager shirts to sift through at Rooster. We carry woven flannels to Seager’s top selling snap shirts. We also have graphic tees for all tastes. You like bears? There’s a shirt for that. You like nature? There is a shirt for that too. You like stylish yet masculine and gritty designs? There are 100 shirts for that! Shirts are all made with the highest quality and premium materials for the best fit and comfortability. 

Seagar Pants

Pants: Canvas pants are available in multiple color choices. Named for the Bison, you can roam free while trusting these pants to withstand the test of the great outdoors and time. These pants are a perfect blend of utility and style. With extra sturdy belt loops, knife clip front pocket entry, and a relaxed, straight fit, these pants will enhance any wardrobe. 

Seager has something for everyone. If you like helping the environment, buy Seager. If you like dressing with grit and masculine ruggedness, then buy Seager. Pretty much, if you have a pulse, come shop Seager at Rooster Men’s shop. We don’t bite, so get on over here already. 

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