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Local Clothing Stores vs Big Box Retailers

Local Clothing Stores vs Big Box Retailers

It’s pretty obvious why you should shop local clothing stores over big retailers isn’t it? Need we even say more? But just to drive the point home, let us explain. Shopping in stores is like a form of art. One that a majority of big box retailers or online merchants just don’t understand. When you shop at local clothing stores, you don’t just leave with a new look, but having had an experience. 

Reasons to Shop at Local Clothing Stores:

1. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Local stores, hire and recruit local people! Also, we small businesses like to help each other out so we usually parter and sell other local or small business products. This means less driving and less shipping, which means less pollution, which means less traffic, which means—you get where this is going right? Essentially, it means a healthier planet and lower carbon footprint.

2. Invest in Your Community

  • Community Pride: A unique local business helps to build the reputation and character of a city. Customers, business owners, and employees can all feel a sense of pride at having such a unique asset within their community. As more and more local shops create a “vibe” to the area, it can attract tourists, visitors, and even drive up the prices of nearby homes.
  • Invest Financially: Choosing to shop at a local clothing store keeps majority of the profits within the community, putting your town in a better position financially. About 70 cents on the dollar stays within the community when shopping at a local small business. This is nearly double the 40 cents per dollar that stays in the community when you shop at big box retailers.

3. Create Jobs: Local clothing stores need staff to help the customers, run the books, do the marketing, etc. Local stores hire local people to fill in these roles. This helps to boost employment figures for the city and stimulate the local economy. After all, as staff earns money, they are more likely to spend it in other local businesses in the area. 

4. One-of-a-Kind Experience

  • Staff That Cares: Unlike shopping at a big box retailer that is understaffed and unknowledgeable, local businesses employ staff that will uphold the company’s reputation. Typically when you work someplace unique and meaningful, the staff is proud and excited to be there. This translates to happier and more helpful employees. When you work someplace you love, you want to share your passion with the customers, creating an unmatched experience.
  • Rare Finds: Local shops have their own concept and point-of-view compared to big box retailers. This is someone’s passion and dream turned into something tangible. For example, Rooster Men’s Shop was created with the passion of shopping in store and finding unique pieces of wearable art. Big retailers are not privately owned but are typically owned by shareholders. That means there is no passion or innovation behind the products offered and that their typical motivation is making money. Having local entrepreneurs fuel their small business dreams are the reasons you get unique and quality crafted products.

5. Find Unique Products: Because local shops are based on someones passion, you are getting things you can’t find at a large retailer. Big box stores go for cost, which means quality and creative products are severely lacking. Shopping local allows you to find things you can’t get at one of these large stores. If you visit multiple stores at a mall you will find nearly the same shirts or pants at nearly the same price point over and over again. These are the same clothes that nearly all of your coworkers wear. Don’t be that guy.

Who Are We?

We are Rooster Men’s Shop! We appreciate the fine art of shopping local clothing stores. Unlike big box retailers, we get high quality and curated looks for all men which the big stores just can’t seem to get right. Every man deserves to feel one-of-a-kind and represented in the clothes they wear. Large chains are experts at providing cookie cutter looks for that average guy at the office. But let’s be honest, you’re not average and we got you covered. 

We started selling our unique clothes out of a converted 1984 international bus but have since added two stand alone locations in Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Arizona. Unlike shopping online, when you shop Rooster, you can actually touch, feel, and try on the products before you buy them. Not only do our local clothing stores have unique products for even the manliest of man, but we also have some pretty rad people who work there. Our knowledgeable and willing to help staff care about creating something special and continuing on the Rooster Experience. We hope you do too.

So what are you still doing reading about how awesome we are? Get on over here, we’d love to meet ya. 

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